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These research documents represent a desire on my part to know more about some aspect of a photo or document in my collection. Sometimes I have images of the same subject and I have collected all of those images into one document to see how they have changed over time. Sometimes it is a question about something in the image that I want to find out more about. Sometimes there is a mystery about an image and I am trying to track down and solve that mystery.

Research Document on Military License Plates for Private Vehicles used on Okinawa from 1945 to 1972    Filesize: 10.4 MB

Research Document on Ryukyu Civilian License Plates for Private Vehicles used on Okinawa from 1945 to 1972    Filesize: 9.1 MB

Photos and information taken from a 1947 issue of the American Red Cross monthly magazine "Boomerang" published in Tokyo and featuring the Red Cross clubs and personnel on Okinawa.    Filesize: 2.3 MB

Information about the early postwar days of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network on Okinawa.    Filesize: 5 MB

Photos showing the captured Japanese suicide rocket bomb or Baka (fool) bomb to its present home in California.    Filesize: 11.3 MB

1945-46 photos of Prewar Christian Churches on Okinawa damaged during the war.    Filesize: 6.8 MB

Early postwar photos of the Futenma Shrine.    Filesize: 10.2 MB

The first postwar museum on Okinawa established by the US military government in an effort to save the cultural treasures of Okinawa.    Filesize: 17.7 MB

Traced the uniquely designed Kokuei-Kan theater from it construction in 1951 to the 1960's.    Filesize: 7.1 MB

Photo of Kyoda Village from 1948 to 1955.    Filesize: 2.8 MB

Tracing the reconstruction of the Naminoue Shrine from the aftermath of its destruction in 1945 to 1967.    Filesize: 22.2 MB

Establishing the publication date (1946) of the Okinawa Memories Naval Supply Depot book.    Filesize: 3.9 MB

Photos from 1945 to 1957 of a popular photo location on Highway 1 to Nago.    Filesize: 3.3 MB

The Ryukyu Forestry Agency and its early efforts to replant trees on Okinawa after the destruction of WWII.    Filesize: 4.2 MB

Photos of Toki village on Okinawa which was a popular photo location from 1945 to the 1960's.    Filesize: 8.9 MB

Photos of the Tomoyose Department Storelocated at the corner of Kokusai Dori and Heiwa Dori (black market alley).    Filesize: 3.9 MB

Postwar history of the Daily Okinawan military newspaper from 1945 to 1948.    Filesize: 4.3 MB

Copies of the covers of official and unofficial Okinawa Welcome Guides given to newly arriving military personnel and dependents.    Filesize: 3 MB