Panoramic Photographs from Off Site Sources

Photos of Areas of Okinawa Embedded from those that were created by me at Photosynth .... Enjoy!

After clicking on "Click to view" click once again, anywhere in the box with the panorama picture in it ... then, hit your "f" key and it should expand to full screen the esc key will return to normal

or click on the right box within the controls at the bottom of the screen to expand or contract the viewer.

Click on the + button on the screen to zoom in.

Hold the left click button down on your mouse and drag the cursor around to drag the panorama around.

1964 Kadena and Koza Gate 2 street and Goya 4 Corners

Koza 1964 Panorama using telephoto lens

Koza 1964 Panorama using normal lens

Kadena 1965 Panorama