The below links take you to the Photosynth website where I have stored panoramic scans of five large 11 inch by 19 inch aerial photos taken on Okinawa between June 1945 and Sept 1945. Due to the large size I have had to store them offsite so that you can appreciate all the detail on these great aerial photos.

After clicking on "Click to view" click once again, anywhere in the box with the panorama picture in it ... then, hit your "f" key and it should expand to full screen the esc key will return to normal

or click on the right box within the controls at the bottom of the screen to expand or contract the viewer.

Click on the + button on the screen to zoom in.

Hold the left click button down on your mouse and drag the cursor around to drag the panorama around.

Awase Airstrip 7 June 1945 looking south from Awase toward the Awase Airstrip in the middle of the photo. Kubasaki is to the right and on the horizon.

Katchin Hanto or Katsuren peninsula 10 Sept. 1945 looking across the peninsula with the islands of Hama-Higa, Miyai (Takabanare) and Ike to the upper right.

White Beach 7 June 1945 with Yabuchi, Henza and Miyagi Islands.

White Beach and the Seaplane base 28 July 1945 from directly overhead, they have started the seaplane base in the upper part of White Beach and you can see two planes sitting on the land near the shore.

Unknown military camp 5 Sept 1945 location unknown possibly associated with Naval Photo Recon Squadron VD-3